pyf.manager.path | PyF, flow-based python programming pyf.manager.path


A datapath-style manager. It is now deprecated (not used in upper level libs anymore) in favor of the network-style manager, but is still here if you want to do pure data path without networking system (faster).

class pyf.manager.path.DataPath(root_node)
root_node = dict(content=None,
dict(content=[dict(component=toto), dict(component=tata)],
dict(content=[dict(component=titi)]) ]),
dict(component=hoho), dict(component=hehe)))




Returns a status handler that returns True each time it receives a True from parents.

Experimental: if “advanced” is set to True, uses an intelligent status handler that looks for parent nodes until it finds a splitting node and consumes all the buffer on each branch to avoid high memory usage

class pyf.manager.path.DataRoad(*items)

Data Road gets list of items and sets up a data road with them. To launch the road, pass items in the init, run road.setup(in_generator), then road.launch() returns an iterator of results.


Splits the data road at the specified position. Usefull to plug data in the flow at a specific position