fixedlengthwriter | PyF, flow-based python programming fixedlengthwriter


package name: pyf.components.consumers.fixedlengthwriter

“fixedlengthwriter” plugin

class pyf.components.consumers.fixedlengthwriter.FixedLengthWriter(config_node, component_id)
Configuration available :
  • advanced(label: Advanced): Compound key (each sub key is an individual tag)
    • separate_process(label: Separate Process): boolean
  • name(label: Name): Simple key/value (text-based)

    unique name

  • splitkey(label: Split Attribute (optionnal)): Simple key/value (text-based)

    Attribute with which to split files

  • encoding(label: Encoding): Simple key/value (text-based) (default: “UTF-8”)

  • target_filename(label: Target filename): Simple key/value (text-based) (default: “filename.csv”)

  • columns(label: Columns): Key with repeated column content
    Key contains repeated items “column”:
    • column(label: Column): Compound key (“title” key is the text content of the node)
      • title(label: Title): input

        Column title

      • attribute(label: Attribute): input

        Source object attribute

      • length(label: Length): input

        Attribute length

      • renderer(label: Renderer): input

        Renderer eval (optionnal)