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PyF is available under the MIT license. It is made of several layers:

  • low-level (only needed for programming in your own software),
  • mid-level (pyf.componentized: needed to run xml files of pyf tubes and use its plugins),
  • and high-level (with webservice, scheduler and visual tube designer).

Following instruction are mainly for high-level libraries (installing others as dependencies).

1. The easy way : Installing with the bootstrap script

The bootstrap script will create a virtualenv with everything ready to use.

Download it from here : :

$ wget

Run it with the instruction to create and environment without reusing site packages (to make sure you don't conflict with existing packages on your system):

$ python --no-site-packages pyfenv

Go to the folder and activate the environment, under linux :

$ cd pyfenv
$ source bin/activate

Under windows :

$ cd pyfenv
$ Scripts\activate.bat

2. Manually, from the PYPI

PyF releases are available on the Python Package Index, to install them just issue the following commands (creating a virtualenv first is really recommended).

The "-UZ" switch used on the easy_install command is to force the update of existing packages, and unpackign of libraries, which is often really needed if you run several apps at once (and improves performance).

(optionnal) Create a virtual env :

$ virtualenv --no-site-packages pyfenv

Activate it, so the python command is the one from the virtual env :

$ cd pyfenv
$ source bin/activate

Or in windows :

$ cd pyfenv
$ Scripts\activate.bat

Install turbogears2.1 beta (pyf is based on it) :

$ easy_install -UZ -i tg.devtools TurboGears2
$ easy_install -UZ "pylons<0.10" # pylons broke compatibility not long ago, it won't be needed long, hopefully

Now install pyf high level lib :

$ easy_install -UZ

Finally, install whatever plugins you need :

$ easy_install -UZ pyf.components.consumers.csvwriter # CSV writer
$ easy_install -UZ pyf.components.consumers.rmlpdfwriter # PDF Writer based on pyjon.reports
$ easy_install -UZ pyf.components.consumers.xhtmlpdfwriter # XHTML PDF Writer
$ easy_install -UZ pyf.components.consumers.xlsxwriter # simple XLSX files writer
$ easy_install -UZ pyf.components.consumers.xmlwriter # Simple XML file writer (based on genshi)
$ easy_install -UZ pyf.components.producers.webextractor # Simple web extractor, to extract raw data from websites as python objects